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Universities of the Spirit

On January 1, 1986, Gautama Buddha announced that he and the Lords of Karma had granted the petition of the lords of the seven rays to open universities of the Spirit in their etheric retreats for tens of thousands of students to pursue the path of self-mastery on the seven rays. Traveling in their finer bodies (the etheric sheath) during sleep, students spend fourteen days at Darjeeling for training on the first ray under El Morya, alternating with fourteen days at the Royal Teton Retreat for training on the seventh ray under Saint Germain until they have successfully passed certain levels of accomplishment in the use of the first and seventh rays.

Then they may go on to receive training under the lords of the second, third, sixth, fourth and fifth rays in that order: Lord Lanto and Confucius at the Royal Teton Retreat (2nd), Paul the Venetian at the Goddess of Libertys Temple of the Sun over Manhattan (3rd), Nada at the retreat of Jesus in Saudi Arabia (6th), Serapis Bey at the Ascension Temple, Luxor (4th), and Hilarion at the retreat of Pallas Athena in Crete (5th).

It is the desire of the Great White Brotherhood that through the courses given and the tests passed in meeting the challenges of everyday life as well as through second and third levels of instruction, students will quickly make outer contact with Summit University and attend its halls of learning at the Inner Retreat.

On December 28, 1986, the God Meru encouraged us to follow the path of the lords of the seven rays by choosing to embody the Presence and light of each chohan (i.e., lord) and then the Maha Chohan (the Great Lord who is over the lords of the seven rays, the representative of the Holy Spirit who delivers the initiations of the Third Person of the Trinity to the evolutions of planet earth) in fourteen-day cycles starting January 1, 1987, while attending their universities of the Spirit

What are the Etheric Retreats?

The etheric retreats of the ascended masters are the temples of the Great White Brotherhood. Once physical on the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, these retreats were withdrawn from the physical octave to the realms of perfection, the etheric plane, reachable only by the most advanced initiates.

With the dawning of the Aquarian age, lightbearers were given again opportunity to enter these retreats by means of soul travel. You can visit these spiritual retreats while you sleep—as time and space are merely coordinates of infinity.

The chohans of the rays are the closest of the Ascended Masters to humanity. The offices of the chohans are divinely appointed by the cosmic hierarchy. Each one has attained self-mastery and won the ascension by serving humanity on one or more of the seven rays.

So, why not try it tonight. A whole new world awaits you.

Tips on Traveling to the Retreats

We can travel out of the body to the etheric retreats while our body sleeps at night. We can escape our physical body and leave the bounds of earth, traveling with or without consciousness.

Steps to Facilitating Our Out-Of-Body Retreat Experience

Avoid heavy foods in the few hours before sleep so that the functions of the body can be at rest and the soul more easily ascend to higher octaves.

Avoid violent or negative movies or television shows in the hours before sleep. These can magnetize the soul to lower levels of consciousness instead of the highest levels of the etheric plane.

Create your period of spiritual attunement before sleep, perhaps reading the words of an ascended master, to help attune your consciousness with the intended destination.

Where we are in consciousness before we sleep will often determine where we go. Read more here

A Sense of Self-Worth

The ascended masters have told us that sometimes the only barrier to our attending the etheric retreats is a lack of the sense of self-worth. Like the prodigal son, we have been away so long that we hesitate at the threshold. Will I still be welcome after all this time?

Remember that God dwells in you, and God in you is worthy to attend the retreats of light. The ascended master El Morya addresses this subject here

The Schedule of Classes

The Universities of the Spirit schedule posted on our website calendar If you would like to see more colour, use this link.

When you click on the University of the Spirit event at the top of each day, there is a link to find more information on the retreat and the chohan. There is also a prayer for each night.


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